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Ask an auditor: How to Prepare for and Fight Residency Audits

Tax season comes and goes, but audit season doesn’t end. This webinar is a unique opportunity to learn about the current trends and general risks around residency tax audits, get tips and advice to prepare for and fight residency and domicile change audits.

Listen to taxpayers and practitioners ask pertinent questions to experts in residency audits: Nishant Mittal, Monaeo founder; Kristine Bly, former NY State Auditor and currently a Senior Audit Manager with Hodgson Russ’s State & Local Tax Practice; Tim Noonan, the Leader of Hodgson Russ’s New York State Residency Practice.


Nishant Mittal
Nishant Mittal
Nishant founded Monaeo with his co-founder Anupam Singhal in 2011 after personally experiencing the pain of audits caused by business travel. Nishant served as a Vice President at General Atlantic, leading the Financial Services sector in India. Previously he worked at McKinsey & Co. Nishant holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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