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Audit War Story #1 | Credit Card Fail


As tax departments look to fix their fiscal deficits, residency audits for those who have moved out of a state are all but guaranteed. So when the auditor comes knocking on your door, how will you meet your burden of proof?

Kristine Bly, former NYS residency auditor and Senior Audit Manager at premier residency law firm Hodgson Russ shares one of her residency tax audit war stories as she defends a taxpayer whose credit card records got subpoenaed.

Kristine Bly
Kristine Bly
Kristine is a senior audit manager in the State & Local Tax Practice. Kristine has ten years of experience in the field of federal, state and local taxation. She concentrates primarily on New York State and New York City personal income and sales tax matters. She assists the firm's tax attorneys in a variety of endeavors, including document and tax return review, audit assistance, computational analysis, and tax planning. All of her work is focused on providing clients with top notch and cost-effective tax representation.

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